Thursday, August 9, 2012

On the road again

Exactly what it says on the tin...

So yeah I am once more running, Mengele said I could stay but... well I don't like being in a place with many /visited/, say what you will about M, but he hit that one on the nose, Dr might not have to look over his shoulder every ten minutes but unfortunately we do

Dr was kind enough though to give me a parting gift, this laptop, so yeah I guess I owe him my life, a chair, and a laptop. Hopefully I live long enough to pay him back...

Well enough idle chatter, now that I seemingly have some time I think I'll respond to some comments.

@Adam: Nice to be back, and not trapped in my own twisted subconscious

@Sammi & Diesel: Hello haven't seen you around these parts, Welcome! As for the last two occupations, I actually traveled with the two former who had "quit" their occupation. As for the ulterior motive, I really was thinking as in the first \masked\  blogs, I think the majority of the newer ones are just people who want to keep track of their lives like you stated, or possibly might be an effect the ~compulsion~ although one would assume it would effect his followers most of all due to its close proximity... and suddenly theory...

@Manic Muse: Yes I am quite aware of this fact, I personally go by the ancient being theory albeit we damn well know it is not mortal, at least by our standards. As for sway,  Maduin The Jester's own findings are what led me to the whole all we say can affect it thing. Also I believe that while we might be giving it a better anchor in this world we are also shaping that same anchor.

Gah got to not get scatter brained or else this will devolve like the others. Bugger it.

Any who, got to go, manager of the restaurant is looking at me funny, got to go.

Stay as safe as possible fellow \visited\



  1. Good luck, Doctor Mengele is an odd person. Make sure you don't do anything irrational or hastily, that seems to be the end for many.

  2. That is a plausible conclusion especially following certain development on my end where the Fears have shown interest in my research which may suggest a private war is about to break out amoungst them. My only problem being that unlike now, which is an information advent, the Middle ages were usually high repressed information wise so his view that something important intensified the hunting seems.... uncertain. And again I say that I also believe that we provide an anchor, following Zero's line of thought that what we believe about him affects his abilities and 'immortality',there are also individuals such as Hatter who show signs of immortality, regardless of the presence of he Slender Man, this again supposes that we don't have a significant control over him, like you seem to believe

  3. well i'm new here...well not particularly new but...let me get on with it.
    professor I remember you saying something about a pocket dimension...did you happen to mean a fourth dimension as to which he can step into and appear at any place he wants. I'm no expert at this but...ehh what the hell am I think let's just let everything unfold like it should...
    ~snow cross