Friday, August 3, 2012

Subject #063 (glyphed?)

Well I promised that I would give a transcription of my file on the glyphed I may or may not have met. Well here it is, complete and unabridged.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Subject is twenty five years old, 5' 11", Hispanic male, muscular build, no facial hair or scars except one on the lower right part of the abdomen, consistent with a scar from a surgery to remove ones appendix, due to relatively large size of the scar and severity of the scarring of the tissue itself it is safe to assume it was not done with modern surgical implements nor in a modern clinical setting. Subject shows no other abnormalities in physicality.

MASK: Proxy mask is unlike any that I have seen, or any of my partners have seen as well. Most notable difference between the mask of the subject and that of a typical proxy is that it has no facial features of any kind, human or animal, molded onto the face of the mask. It is modeled into the shape like that of half an egg., large enough to cover the entire face of #063. On first glace it seems to be one single continuous piece of molded white plastic but on closer inspection in the area of where the subjects eyes would be it seems there are many diminutive holes cut into it, allowing the subject to see through the seemingly solid mask. On the mask itself there is no personal markings or drawings like typical non-hallowed proxies. On the center of it there is a large (x) symbol, stretched across the entirety of the mask.

After capture subject was sedated and preparations for "interview" were being made, mid preparation the subject suddenly regained consciousness, and showed no signs of the typical symptoms of an individual who just came out of the effects of a sedative. #063 began attacking all individuals nearby while yelling obscenities at all those in the room.
#063 was stabbed once, shot twice, and was attempted to be subdued via chloroform before a blow to the back of the head finally knocked him out. Subject was restrained before he could regain consciousness once again and was put on a IV sedation drip.
On inspection of the three wounds received after #063 woke up it seemed as if the blood had some how solidified on the inside of the wounds, keeping the subject from bleeding out. It seems that whenever the blood comes in contact with air or foreign matter it solidifies into a solid mass, making it impossible to get a sample of the blood.
After this was observed the IV drip removed and an interview was attempted. As witnessed before #063 came out of sedation with no discernible side effects. Transcription of following "conversation" below.

Us: Hello, would you mind telling us your name?
#: Fuck you!
Us: Resisting will only make things worse for you, I will ask again, will you tell us your name?
-#063 begin laughing-
#: You think you can make things worse for me? Nothing can make things worse for me! But I can make things worse for you, want me to show you? Look behind you you fucks!
-lights begin flickering, electronic equipment begins malfunctioning, all signs point to Slenderman manifestation, all four personal (including myself) turn around, about twenty meters away stands the Slenderman. He begins walking forward , personal 1 and 2 begin panicking, both ending up in the fetal position as far away from the Slenderman as possible. Personal 3 immediately fell forward clutching his abdomen and began coughing up blood, all singns pointing to a strong bout of "slender sickness"*.  All personal fall unconscious when "contingency" plan phase 1 is put into place.

At about fifteen meters the Slenderman abruptly stops its approach. Tilts its head to the left as if confused. Attempts to step forward, then seemingly loses "substance" and becomes transparent. Takes a step back and tilts his head in the other direction. Phase two of "contingency" plan put into place, Personal 1-3's vital signs cease immediately. Slenderman takes a step back as if struck, once again Slenderman seemingly losses substance, #063 begins swearing loudly and screaming at the Slenderman. #063 is dispatched via shot to the head , Slenderman losses substance once more, again takes a step back, and it rears it's head. All the lights shut off for two and a half seconds then all turn on at once. Slenderman disappears from the premises.

POST AUTOPSY REPORT: Body shows absolutely no differences to those of a normal proxy, lungs and kidneys due show damage consistent to that of a individual who regular drinks and smokes. Primary conclusion about the scar in the lower right abdomen was correct. Blood shows non of the properties it showed in subject before death.

*Under no circumstances should cocktail #27 ever be used again.

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  1. Close call.

    Interesting though, i've never personally seen it lose "substance"

    You might be dealing with something different.