Friday, June 29, 2012

Problem:Movement Theory:Pocket Dimension

 Subject \gaunt\ seems to display  the ability to be in many paces simultaneously and an erratic disposition towards the /visited/, one day passively viewing them, other times acting with the utmost hostility.

Theory: Subject \gaunt\ has a sort of pocket dimension commonly referred to as the Path of Black Leaves, in this dimension time and space would be directly controlled by subject, possibly being able to compress space (one step in the path would equal ten in our world) and possibly stretch time (one minute in our world would equal one hour in his) or possibly rewind time in short amounts, allowing him to be in multiple places in once.

Explains: How Subject \gaunt\ is able to be in multiple places at a single time.

Issues with theory: Honestly this is the theory I think is the best of the three. It explains multiple things that have bothered me about him over time, and well, I really can't find any gaping holes in this one.

As before if anyone has any theories of their own or any issues, question, suggestions on how to better this theory then feel free to comment.

As before, stay as safe as possible fellow /visited/

-The Faceless Professor

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's to early for this shit.

You know whats disorienting, waking up in a different place of the airport than you went to sleep in, in a completely different airport, clear on the other side of the god damn country. And fuck if I care that its two in the afternoon I just woke up and it's early for me dammit.

And judging by how many people have asked the man who looks like Rasputin's crazy Mexican half brother if he is okay I am visibly shaken.

And that's just from waking up and finding out I've lost time, a common symptom of being "hollowed" out.

Now we come to the part of the fucker who calls himself theforgottenauthor. Honestly the last thing I need at this moment is a fucking totheark wannabe trying to track me and fuck with my head, unfortunately I do not feel like dealing with you at the moment so please leave me alone, or else you will end up like the last one \gaunt\ or whoever the fuck is in charge of you fuckers sent, a bloody smear at the bottom of a building.

That felt surprisingly good to get off my chest.

And then there was that fucking video, seriously when I watched it I nearly threw my fucking laptop across the airport lobby, except I didn't because that would probably broken it and it was only by my luck and the stupidity of this laptops former owner that this blog even exists. Stupid scene of that video reminds me to much of a nightmare I've been having lately. Along with the goddamn background picture. And seriously, all those changes you made author (fuck it I'm not writing the entire thing when I mention him), honestly I'm not The Faceless Preacher, it's The Faceless Professor. I'll change it whenever I get the time.
Well my bitching quota has been fulfilled for the entire goddamn month.

Will try to get theory three up today, just, a little shaken.

Well then, that's all for now all my (four) readers.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Problem: Movement Theory: Different perception of time

Problem: Subject \gaunt\ seems to display  the ability to be in many paces simultaneously and an erratic disposition towards the /visited/, one day passively viewing them, other times acting with the utmost hostility.

Theory: Subject \gaunt\ perceives time in a fundamentally different way then us, possibly perceiving past, present and future simultaneously. This would entail that subject has the ability to simply travel to a certain location, then would be able to "dip" into different times, allowing him to appear briefly to the /visited/.

Explains: How Subject \gaunt\ is able to literately be in multiple places at a single time. Can also explain why he is perceived in the multiple ways that subject is, seeing as different people are viewing him at different times in subjects existence simultaneously.

Issues with theory: Well, the large gaping one is why he does not simply kill off those who pose a true threat to him. Why did he take as long as he did to kill those like the sages, most and foremost Robert, who if is to believed actually caused the subject pain. Additionally after how far subject went to get rid of Robert leads mo to believe that the core theory might actually have held some merit, though if it truly did we might never know.

This has been the second of the three theories pertaining to the issue of movement, I am unsure how I fell about this one. On one hand it explains why subject \gaunt\ can seemingly be in multiple places, but if subject truly has this much power why isn't subject using it more often. Is it possible subject is garnered by a set (or sets) of rules as the aforementioned sage stated? Hmm... Well as before feel free to share your thoughts on this particular theory or share your own theories.

As before, stay as safe as possible fellow /visited/

-The Faceless Professor

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Problem: Movement, Theory: Slender-MEN

Problem: Subject \gaunt\ seems to display  the ability to be in many paces simultaneously and an erratic disposition towards the /visited/, one day passively viewing them, other times acting with the utmost hostility.

Theory: There is not one Subject \gaunt\, but multiple subjects, each one designated to different tasks and ranks, one (or more) would be designated to the task of passive observation (the one who simply stares), another for tracking (the one you see when you are travelling), another for mental breakdown of stalked (the one you see for a second and when you look back it is gone), and finally the executioner (we know which one this is).

Explains: How Subject \gaunt\ is able to seemingly be in multiple places at once, also explains the variety of ways people see his appearance. Also explains how he is able to control a vast network of \masked\

Issues with theory: Does not explain how he is able to switch between "ranks" when angered, also does not explain why all the \masked\ blogs speak of the subject as one single entity. None of the legends supposedly connected to subject nor are any of the stories from the "origin" if you believe in the tulpa theory speak of subject as being multiple entities (something awful forums) Also it is creepy as fuck to consider the fact that there is more than one of it.

Well then this has been the first of three theories pertaining to the movement of \gaunt\. If anyone has any issues, questions, or suggestions on how to improve this theory please feel free to comment. Feel free as well to post your own short theories in the comments as well. I am in a safe place for the time being, so I might be able to comment fairly quickly.

Stay as safe as possible fellow /visited/.

-The Faceless Professor

Problem: Movement

Movement has always been one of my largest issues when attempting to make sense of \gaunt\. From what I have read on other blogs and seen it seems like it can be in multiple places at once/simultaneously. Basically this is a post to say that I will be posting a few theories on the coming future about this particular phenomena.

And by the way, I have no idea if this is relevant to my situation in any way but it seems that some of my words were censored in my last post, but it seem whatever or who ever has decided to do this did an utmost terrible job of it, as it seems simply highlighting the blocked out text will reveal it.

Be it on purpose or simply some glitch on bloggers part it is besides the point, essentially this post is to say that I will soon be posting some theories as stated in my initial post.

-The Faceless Professor

Friday, June 22, 2012

Still Alive, thankfully

 So for those (one) person who have read what is going on I did something of supreme stupidity. Well some of it's my fault, some of it's the fault of my bad luck. 

Here's a quick overview of what happened.

I couldn't afford to go to sleep in a hotel and my location being a large city there were no nice people who would kindly let me borrow their home for a night, so I decided to attempt to go to sleep in a back alley while attempting to keep my scant belongings from being stolen (much harder than it sounds). So of course I found myself a nice little dark corner to go to sleep in, ignoring my cardinal rule of sleeping somewhere with other people who can goddamn see me.

I couldn't have been asleep for more than an hour when I woke up to find I was in the company of four more people who were arguing about something I couldn't quite grasp since I had just been woken up and was still quite sleep deprived. It took a while for me to get my bearings and start paying attention to their overall conversation which went something like this.

"Wait what are you doing don't draw that!"
"We have to it keeps him at bay!"
"Are you stupid that summons him!"

I couldn't see what they were on the drawing but I already had a vague idea what they were drawing, and I was praying that I was wrong, but unfortunately whatever deity truly lives in the clouds could not be bothered with my prayers or was otherwise preoccupied, because the second they moved out of the way I saw what they were drawing, yup it was the fucking _glyph_.

The second I saw  the glyph I began panicking, screaming obscenities at nothing in particular, not because I believe the _glyph_  summons him, in fact I believe the opposite, I have the _glyph_  on every article of clothing I have. No I was panicking because the more _stalked_ there are in one group, the more powerful \gaunt\ gets. So of course my first thoughts were of getting out of Dodge, unfortunately lady luck decided to spit on me, three guesses what shows up... yes, \gaunt\ showed up, even worse he was in full on fur mode.

I would just like to say that in the two years I have been a _runner_  I have never had the displeasure of seeing \gaunt\ with its tendrils out, which I quite frankly am very thankful for. From what I have read on other blogs it seems the appearance of its tendrils is a bit different for every person. Some claim they look like tree limbs, some say they look like roots, others say they look like regular old tentacles, it seems to be different for each person. This is what I saw.

First of all a silence filled the immediate area because \gaunt\ had suddenly appeared, he stared at us like we were some kind of strange animal it was viewing at the zoo, tilting its head like it found us amusing. Before any of us could act, it moved its arms until it palms were facing outward, then all hell broke lose.

It essentially looked like what happens when you put a drop of food coloring into water, it seemed as if ten tendril exploded outwards from its suit, they looked as if they were made from the same material of its suit, tapering down into a hooked point. The second they emerged three of the tendrils skewered one of the _runners_. The other seven reared back like snakes ready to strike. I think the reason I didn't piss myself in terror is because I had barely drunk any liquid that day.

It seems \gaunt\ (thankfully) was more interested in the other _runners_, so I was able to escape from getting my entrails ripped out unlike my fellow runners. I ran out of the alley and it seemed that lady luck decided to take piss on me. It seemed a group of \masked\ were following him, they were seemingly there to make sure any survivors would be dealt with. My first response was to shoot the tallest in the head (I own a .44 magnum for "self defense", got it out the second \gaunt\ appeared) and then proceed to run like hell.

One following chase scene latter in which I was followed by a group of \masked\ who for some reason decided not to bring some sort of firearm of any kind reinforcing my theory that prolonged exposure to \gaunt\ results in lowered brain activity. Anyways long story short I got away long enough to post that little post and then ran until I was able to get away from them into a safe zone, yay.

Well that's the end (finally) of that post, gonna try and get some sleep. Will post some theories soon on a particular phenomenon that has been bothering me.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Quick Update

shitshitshitshitshitshitshit did something stupid have to go
got careless and masked fuckers cornered me had no choice
hear cop car need to go
needed to post something

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Subject: \gaunt\

This is a quick profile thrown together of the enemy of us all, \gaunt\, it has information I currently know and have decided is true through the various postings and experiences of my fellow /visited/. Here it is:

Name: Sle nde r man
Other Names: Tall Man, Tendrils, /construct/, and many others

Apearence: (aproximated from my own sightings and the sightings of others) Imposibly Tall, most sightings say it is around seven and a half feet, though some state to have seen it go to anywere from eight or nine feet. It is incrediblly thin, to the point of being atonomically impossible for someone of its stature if it was human. Wears a black business suit (somtimes portrayed as pinstriped) black tie and white undershirt. It is made of an unknown material, whether or not it is simply fabric or an organic part of him is unknown. Its most recognizable feature of all (or lack of) is its head, devoid of both hair and any recognizable facial feature.

Behavior: Has been known to exibit inconsistant behavior, one second it is passivly veiwing you with something akin to curiosity, the next second it is agreesivly attacking you. It seems to enjoy toying with its food, making breife apperances at the edge of an /visited/'s vision in order to break them down menally.

Abilities: Its most well known ability is the abillity to create upwards of eight "tendril" like appendages, which it has been known to use in grabbing, throwing, slicing, and even impaling its prey. Also has the ability to travel to a sort of pocket demension known as "The path of black leaves". Another one of its abilities is the ability to lengthen and bend its body in impossible ways, in order to futher panic its victims. It also can seemingly affect a persons memory, making them forget what they were doing for months at a time, this leads into it's ability to "hollow" people out, were during these periods of amnesia it presumably brainwashes it's victims, and gets them used to it's presence.

Side effects of being "visited": First symptom is paranioa for obvious reasons, people are also known to suffer from "slennder sickness", thought to be a side effect of being in contanct with a being not of this world. It symptoms include an uncontrolable cough, nausea, the inabillity to sleep, depresion, and the ~compulsion~

~compulsion~: The compulsion is a symptom all who are visited by him displayed in one form or another. It is an obsesion with recording your self at all times, sometimes vie recording your self at all times, writing (and drawing) in a journal, defacing public property with th _glyph_, or, as in most peoples case, blogging. It also can lead to being visited ones self.

How visitation begin: How it chosses its victims is seemingly at random, a current theory of mine is that due to the active and highly irrational imagination of children this is how it is able to just one day appeare and take them to places unknow. For adults though this is more difficult, since our minds are much more rationall and grounded in fact based thinking. Thus it must somehow plant its seeds of fear within us. Thus the more we research and the more we dig into finding out about it, the more we begin to fear it, allowing it to appear to us, first as flash in the distance, and as we get more and more uneasy of it the visitation get stronger, until, well we have all seen how this ends.

Grunts: /gaunt/ seems to have a few cults and followings througout north america, giving it a suppy of those willing to do its work. It also has access to those who it has "hallowed" out, though these agents tend to be slower and much less usefull than there willing counter parts. Both of these agents wear mask when doing its bidding for reasons unknown.

Damn I would like to write more but I think I might have just seen /gaunt/ have to leave. Will try to post in the comming days.

Stay safe as best you can fellow /visited/

-The Faceless Professor

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Explanation of the code

  In transit tight now, pretty sure it is safe to write now, found a bus that has WiFi, so it's safe to post. As you may have noticed I use quite a bit of code in my writings (bloggings?), it seems to be some sort of symptom of ~compulsion~ in certain people, so this is a quick guide of the code words that I have use and probably will use.

\gaunt\-My name for sle nde r man, given to him on basis of name equal power, therefor this will make visitations of him less powerful, have not seen any change, but it doesn't hurt to try.

\masked\-My name for his servants who were once normal people and/or _runners_ who were turned.

\guantilings\-My name for those who are receivers, or "attuned" and able to tap into the energies he uses.

\dragon\-My name for the most dangerous of his associates, can use a few of his powers such as the ability to erase memories and the ability to seemingly "teleport" to some sort of pocket dimension (commonly known as the path of black leaves), only member of this group is red light.

~compulsion~ symptom of being stalked by \gaunt\, subjects display an obsession of recording thoughts, observations, and any other ramblings that come to mind to a extreme degree in some cases, some people seem to be able to fight t to a surprising degree, which leads to-

~materials~ drawings, writings, videos, and blogs written by those being stalked,  reading these can lead to being stalked oneself.

/visited/-those being stalked by \gaunt\

_runners_-those who chose to run from him, usually the ones who survive the longest

_stubborn|ones_-those who ignore all common sense and attempt to maintain their homes against \gaunt\ and his agents, none succeed for long.

_warriors_-those who attempt to fight \gaunt\, extremely brave, but idiotic at the same time, they die the quickest of all

_morons_-see _warriors_

_glyph_ -My name for the operators symbol, the x within the circle (x), exact effects unknown, some say it  summons \ gaunt\,  others say it will keep him at bay or hinder him for awhile, seems different for each person.

  Well there is the explanation for my code, need to go now, bus is coming to my stop, see you around, will try and post soon.

 Stay safe other _runners_

-Faceless Professor

Saturday, June 16, 2012

(x)Introductions are in Order(x)

  Hello, and welcome. Usually this is the part were I tell you a little about myself, if this were a normal blog I would tell you my name, some basic information such as my likes and dislikes, some info on my family, maybe even my age and place were I was born. But this is not the case, as I have no family, not any more at least, nor do I have the luxury of divulging anymore information than is possible, since I do not want him to know more than he already does. For about two years now he has stalked me, I have mentioned him various times in this post alone, so some may be wondering who he is, other might already have seen the signs and know of whom I am speaking of. He has many names, The Tall One, \Suit\, Tendrils, The Angel of Death, \Construct\, \Faceless\, many more, and his most well known name, the sle nde r man.

  Two years I have been running, for two years since he took all but my life from me, two years of scraping by whoever I could, two years of fighting the ~compulsion~ as best I could. Oh how I have fought desperately against it, first by writing a few of the _glyph_ in a journal then burning the page, to insure none others would be infected, but then it got worse, I needed to draw more, write more, soon it was physically painful to dispose of the traces of the infected ~materials~, so now I have caved in to the ~compulsion~ by creating a more public form of venting my hauntings, it is my hope though, that only those who are already afflicted with the ~visitations~  will read this, maybe this will even help some of those peoples.

  This will not be your traditional blog, think of this as a chronicle of sorts. Here I will place my thoughts, theories, analysis, and findings along with the traditional ramblings of the _runners_. Do I believe I will find some sort of magic sword, macguffin, or find the chink in his armor that will one day lead to \gaunt\'s demise, no, I do not believe I will. We have seen what happens to those who attempt to fight him, they die, pure and simple. I will simply observe and record what I have found, attempt to make sense of a being who by all faculties of the imagination not exist, attempt to create some order of this chaos if you will. I will attempt to find the rules governing this being, and tell them to you.

  Must leave soon, got a little carried away and wrote something much longer than I intended, already have spent to much time in this town, I have already seen some signs of \masked\ activity, now I am simply pushing my luck.

  Will attempt to post in the coming days, till then, stay safe, though we all know this is quite impossible.

The Faceless Professor