Monday, August 6, 2012


Well, I'm back from... whatever the hell that was. I feel a little out of it, but at least I' getting better.

So yeah this is Profesor, not Mengele, bastard give me the creeps... but still, this is now the second time he has pulled me out of shit creek when I was without a paddle.
You're welcome

...and now I owe him a new chair, still can't get used to that, bastard has this program, that lets him see everything anyone is typing on the computer on premises, and he can also screw with the computers remotely as well. He says its to make sure people who work with him aren't proxy spies, I just think he enjoys screwing with people, well if he can still feel enjoyment
Yes, Yes I can

...thank you for the unnecessary elaboration Dr.  So from what Mengele has told me, I kind of went crazy, at least crazier than I already am. The only lick of true sense that I ever made was what he posted here... and well I got to say that I vomited in my mouth a little when it seemed my subconscious mind thought that the core theory could still be applied, not that I particularly hate it, it's just.. when I first heard about, well, I think when we all first heard abut it, it ave us all hope, for the first time we felt like we could beat this thing, and then... well we know what happened. 

Still the using it as a weapon part, that has got me thinking of something, a new theory perhaps?

Gah I am getting besides myself. 

Oh yeah also, it seems Dr. Mengele is now starting his own blog, I honestly don't know why, he seems to think it is a good test for... something, he won't tell me what, well then I agreed to pass on the blog for him, so here it is.

there is is, so yeah looks like I'm back

As always, stay as safe as possible fellow /visited/


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