Monday, August 6, 2012

Problem:Evolution Theory:Core Theory as IT'S weapon

Problem: Subject \gaunt\ has seemingly evolved into something much more different than what it initially was, before one simply had to stay in a place witch would make you taller than it and \gaunt\ wouldn't know where you were, before all it had were crazed worshipers who saw it as a god and those whose minds it broke personally, groups of deranged men and women armed with nothing more than hatchets and butcher knifes. Now though... it has a complicated networks of killers, assassins, hackers, truckers, farmers, and everything in between to ensure its network is maintained, hell now a days it seems that \gaunt\ is some sort of mob boss than the eldritch abomination we all fear. Know it speaks directly to those who follow it, even those it stalks,  making it seem, more human...

Theory: To understand this theory one must understand the Core Theory, at its core is the idea that all that is written or said about \gaunt\ effects it, to what degree though, depends on the origins "strength" that being a combination of how many followers they have, how respected the blogger/vlogger is, how many of their followers/viewers come to them for advice. The more of these they have the more likely it is that other people will begin seeing that own persons interpretation of \gaunt\, the more it will begin to act and react in the ways that particular person has seen \gaunt\. Sagel attempted to use this in such a way as to kill \gaunt\ and for a while it seemed like it would almost work... but it did not, it failed. But the idea in and of it's self, it still holds power. When I first heard about _masked_ blogs I wrote them off as false, they were obviously manufactured, it would be utter stupidity to tell people about there lives, to prone to the same mistakes as typical /visited/ bloggers i.e. telling about their whereabouts, giving people an idea of their plans etc. But know, as I read them, they are usually the first blogs that seem to mention \gaunt\'s increases in intelligence, they are the first to make mention of a network larger than just a few crazed cults. My theory is that _masked_ blogs were created not to garner sympathy, but to empower \gaunt\, to make it into the intelligent and cunning entity is now.

Explains: How subject has evolved over time

Issues with theory: Who started this, I don't think \gaunt\ was smart enough to think something like this at the time, someone else, one of his followers had to adapt the theory and corrupt it into the way it is used today. Possibly \dragon\? Who knows?

As always if anyone has any theories of their own or any issues, question, suggestions on how to better this theory then feel free to comment.

As always, stay as safe as possible fellow /visited/

-The Faceless Professor


  1. Hey, we're notable! :D I'm flattered, you faceless bastard, you! ~S

    That's rude, Sammi. He obviously thinks highly enough of our occupations to mention us. On the other hand, he thinks we've got an ulterior motive with the blogging we picked up....huh.

    Hey Prof, did it ever occur to you that some of us just like keeping track of what we've been up to? ~D

  2. Faceless professor, You do see one gap, that the slender man has existed for many thousands of years before Homo sapians existed putting our 'whims' above their power is a bit..... unlikely. I do however, like you, maintain stories and such hold power, but not as a full weapon capable of killing it, you may want to revise this, the evolution may only be due to the advent of the internet, and thus more in your words 'visited' and more proxies giving it more sway or more of an anchor in this world. Food for thought.