Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We have arrived at our location, have the proper defenses up now. Seemingly lost any proxy trailers.

The professor woke up about one and a half days ago, but I don't think he's all here, he's been babbling nonsense and gibberish, talking about lights, corruption, merit, changes, and theories. The most sense I could make of anything spoken is "It all affects it, everything, Sagel was right, so was the jester, It still holds merit, but it is also using it! it is it's weapon as well as ours, no no no no no no no no. Destroy or use, what to do, what to do, hehehehehehehahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" the laughter lasted for about thirty seconds before his body began seizing and he had a seizure, I took the proper precautions and sedated him before he could harm himself. He is being watched to make sure no further incidents like this happen and to make sure the Slenderman or any other of those who work for him manage to take him. 

I've been searching through my archives of personal "experiments" to see if I have anything on these glyphed the professor seems to think are the next revenants. From what I have heard from his ramblings and from what I have deciphered from his various files, which is a nightmare in and of its self, they seem to be proxies with a glyph on their mask and nothing more with "something wrong" about them.

I found a file on one such subject like the one he describes and I will try to transcribe it into type. But it might take a while since I am busy with preparations and other things. 

Still if the professor thinks it is of importance than it is worth looking into.

-Dr. Mengele 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Location has been compromised, in route to a new one now. 

Note to self, next time a proxy shows up with a flame thrower, there are probably better courses of action than shooting the tank with a tracer round, like the head.

Well nothing can be done about it now, expect no contact for the next four to five days.

Also, TO WHO IT MAY CONCERN, and they know who they are, prepare the materials, I believe now is the time for Human trails to begin.

-Dr. Mengele 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oh dear what have you gotten yourself into this time Professor, you are very different than when we traveled.  together.
I thought you hated facial hair, and you stated you would never fall to the compulsion... well things change I guess.

Ah how rude of me, I should introduce myself to his "congregation", I am an old friend of the Professor when he first began running. As for names, well y'all can call me Dr. Mengele, not a chosen name mind you, just one I was given by those of you who serve our favorite gentleman willing. I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I just heard one of my "toys" being set off. Persistent little bugger this Glyphed is ehh? Hmmm, not like your going to respond since you are flat out cold. I am starting to think I am going to run out of toys before he runs out of blood, the "glyphed" that is.

Well then as much as I would love to chat  I must leave you, as it seems I need to prep some more defenses.

Usually this is where the professor puts some thing cute such as Stay as safe as possible! or something along those lines but that does not appeal to me, to childishly hopeful.

Well then, goodbye for now, hopefully we shall speak soon.

-Dr. Mengele

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Enemies

\gaunt\ has different types or "tiers" of servants if you will

First came the \masked\ regular people who work for it, or those how have been "hollowed" out They do a variety of tasks, from hunting /visited/ to jobs that are to insure the network of its follower does not collapse.

The there was the (now defunct) Revenants, while they turned out to be a sick twisted joke done by \gaunt\ it showed that \gaunt\ could change things in the people he rules over, this was the first instance of him altering his followers for his benefit as well as the first example of him allowing select followers access to the path of black leaves. How is causing his followers to think that they are more powerful help him? Simple , since they believe they are more powerful,  they take more risks, are able to endure more pain than if they simply believed they were normal followers of his. Mind over matter is a powerful thing.

Than at around the same time the \dragon\ came into play, with the exception of \gaunt\ itself , he is possibly the biggest dangerous to us /visited/. He is the first to have access to true powers, such as the ability to rewrite the memories of those he targets, as well as also having access to the path. His appearance was met with fear, confusion, and panic among all /visited/. We did not even know whether it was a single entity, or some sort of hive mind complex.due to the conflicting reports of his appearance. We now know though that he has the ability to seemingly "body surf" enabling him to take over the bodies of \gaunts\ followers for his own (and \gaunts\) agenda.

Then came the \gauntlings\. \masked\ that have access to powers like \dragon\ albeit not as powerful as him. They range anywhere from an increase to strength, speed, access to the path, or in some rare cases, the ability to heal wounds inflicted on the body at an accelerated rate. Dangerous because of the fact that they are widespread, not as much as the typical \masked\, and because it is nearly impossible to tell them from regular \masked\.

Information about \glyphed\ was going to be put here... but its to damn long, will have to make that it's own post. I just will reiterate, if you encounter what seems to be a \masked\ with a _glyph_ on their mask STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT, or better yet kill the damn things if you get a chance. 

Alive and unwell

Alive, a little worse for wear than I was before, in a safe place.

Attacks and visitations have been escalating in a short amount of time.

Not very coherent right now, shaken up.

Will post about \glyphed\ soon (hopefully)

Be careful in the coming days.


Friday, July 20, 2012


Cannot take long so I write this quick

Emerged on other side of tunnel onto ma road, collapsed from exhaustion, woke up in hospital, left with all my possentions sans the knife, don't know were it is and got to public library to update, left because saw gaunt shit I hear movement need to go. ohgodohgodohgodohgoditsafucking_glyphed_headmywords


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


If I hear this song one more time on this fucking beach...
... I am either going to kill myself, or kill everybody in the nearby vicinity of me

Fuck me sideways my head hurts.

Alright, focus, back on topic.

Saturday, July 7th, last post. After finishing it I went to sleep (get it when I can) Woke up the next day signed back on to laptop, checked blogger, post I was working on regarding ~materials~ and ~infection~ was corrupted, whether due to a \masked\ or some kind of error on the websites part I did not know. After this... details get hazy.

The last thing I can truly remember well is that I was eating at some sort of dinner, and then after that going back to some motel, possibly checking out, possibly checking in, after this, I can't really make anything out.

Location: Lower West Coast, Somewhere along USA/Mexico border

Woke up in some sort of warehouse, all possessions gone, awoke with the following in their place;

Four articles of clothing, briefs, black jeans, white shirt- no tags only the _glyph_ drawn on the chest area in some sort of black marker, and a black sweater, all tags removed as with shirt, has a large _glyph_ on the back made out of some kind of duct tape.

Note in left hand, had the word prepare in all capitals written on it, the circular parts of the p's were _glyph_'s as well. On the back was a strange smiley face, will attempt to draw it in paint or something if I get any time.

In my right hand I held a crushed up roll of money, latter deemed as the correct amount I had by what I last remember, no sign of any twenty dollar bills, it seems someone close to \gaunt\ has a sense of humor.

In right pocket I had some sort of bailsong knife, from what I saw it was made of titanium.

Left pocket hold an old flip cellphone, seems some one went through the trouble of making sure all marking that could distinguish it were almost completely erased. The only thing I can make out is what seems to be the Cingular logo ( I truly meant it was an old phone). All keys were melted together into a solid mass sans the answer call and end call keys. Both inner and outer screens were nonfunctional, no camera of any sort is visible.

Storage facility was located out in the wilderness, no other buildings visible in the nearby vicinity, went out in the woods, attempting to locate some sort of signs of human life or some kind of river I could follow.

Then I encountered \gaunt\.

My first response was to pull out the knife, my second was to begin kissing my ass goodbye.

I was facing \gaunt\ with only a bailsong knife, in the woods, its turf, it probably shouldn't have surprised me as much when I got knocked down, except...

It wasn't from \gaunt\, I was staring straight at it, it did its stupid head tilt thing like it found me interesting, and then the tendrils came out.

And then I got knocked down, something hit me with the force of a fucking sack of bricks launched out of a fucking cannon. I was on the ground trying to catch my breath while... whatever the fuck this thing was on top of me. I didn't get a good look at it, all I know was that it wasn't human, and it had some nasty claws, because I felt a pain in my side.

As fast as it was on me suddenly it was off all I got was a glimpse of one of \gaunt\s tendrils, it seems it does not appreciate its meal being interrupted.

I tried to get a better look at the thing, it looked kinda like a large dog except... fur less, it's skin was a pale white except it looked like it was bruised in many places, and it was squatting down like it was some sort of gorilla. If I had to give it a name... I would have to say from what I saw it was from what I saw, you might laugh, but the first thing that occurred to me was that I was staring at the fucking Chupacabra

I tried to take a look at its head but then it... it made this horrible noise, somewhere between a howl, roar, screech, and a newborns wail, it just... I shudder thinking about that damn noise.

As soon as I started I immediately looked away, as if I did not look at the source it would go away, and I swear to God, I... I think I saw \gaunt\ take a step back, I swear if had ears it probably would have covered them as well.

And then ^abomination^ (will update the code) was on him.

That thing was fighting \gaunt\, in a second both of them were covered in black tendrils, all the while that fucking noise continued.

And then I heard another noise emanating from the fight I was witnessing. It sounded like the static that come from TV's except it just kept getting louder, and louder, and louder, until I just shut down.

I curled up into a ball and covered my ears, just praying for it to end... and then it did.

I don't know exactly how long it continued, I couldn't tell you when it ended. I just remember slowly taking my hands off of my ears, hands shacking, either due to fear or adrenalin or both I don't know. Both \gaunt\ and ^abomination^ gone, the ground covered in some sort of black liquid. Only thing I know is I got up and ran, ran as hard and fast as possible, away from... well whatever the fuck I had just witnessed.

I eventually got to some kind of pipe, some sort of sewage pipe maybe? All I know is I saw it as a way out, and I entered into it.

I have to go now, I think I just saw \gaunt\, I apologize for leaving it on such a cliffhanger but I have to go, just... wanted to let people know I am alive.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

You know what is more terrifying...

...than seeing \gaunt\, in full on killing mode, all tendrils out?

Seeing \gaunt\, in full on killing mode, all tendrils out... WHILE EVERYTHING IS ON FUCKING FIRE, and yes, it was so terrifying that it deserved both italicized and cap-locked text.

So if you read my last post I ended it on I just smelled smoke. Well it looks like the saying that were there is smoke there is fire is proven right once again.

After ending the post I opened my door to see the source, just in time to see the entire place burst into flames, with \gaunt\ walking out of the flames a few seconds afterwards with a few people speared on his tendrils like some kind macabre shish-kabobs.

So then I shut the door, grabbed my pack, took out my pistol and then attempted to jump out my window. Keyword being that I ATTEMPTED to, since I forgot the all import step number four which is to open the fucking window before attempting to jump out, so I just headbutted the bulletproof glass (can't afford the hotels in the nice parts of town anymore) and fell on my ass.

On another note I am starting to think that \gaunt\ likes his theatrics, because instead of slashing open the door like I assumed such a well dressed and obviously busy eldritch abomination it was, it instead launched a smoking corpse through the door with enough force to turn that to splinters plus shatter through the window that had previously kept me from escaping myself.

So wasting no time I got back on my feet and jumped through the window (you would be amazed how much practice I have had with this) landing/rolling and running to someplace safe. As evident by this post I got their with little incident, which surprised me since, in my usually \gaunt\ has some \masked\ back-up to get those who slipped through it fingers.

Still having massive trouble getting anything done on the origin theory. Gonna la off it and try to put down some other theories... now that I think about it, nobody has really put up an in depth look on how one becomes /visited/, will possibly do that next possibly.

Gah, let myself get to carried away, post was much longer than I thought it would be, need sleep, and a new pair of trousers, but sleep first.

As always stay as safe as possible fellow /visited/


Friday, July 6, 2012


Honestly this is getting quite frustrating. I have been working hard trying to get the theory on \gaunt\s origin out but... I am experiencing massive technical difficulties on this damn laptop. And it's not like I can just go a get this damn thing fixed because one, it is stolen, and two, I don't have enough money. I mean honestly...

And yes I know, I should just use bloggers on website document writing program. Then only problem is that I am almost certain the that the author is deliberately fucking around with me, since either when i log in and open this post up it si either complete gibberish, or the thing is just deleted outright.

I'm going to have to put the damn ting on hiatus until either I fix my laptop troubles or my totheark troubles.

As for everything else, well things have been quite, to quite...
Wow I deserve to get my ass whipped in half after writing that line.

But in all honesty it has been relatively calm around me at least. O I'v only seen some breif glimpses of \gaunt\ and haven't run into any \masked\ as of late. Have the sneaking suspicion that I am being trailed.. but it might just be typical _runner_  paranoia. Aside from that well , things have been just

Shit I think I just smelled smoke need to go.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An answer, and a phenomenon

In my last post Lucia ( http://axecrazysax.blogspot.com/) asked why I shot the girl so many times in the chest. When I was attacked by the \masked\ I mentioned in the last post in the middle of some woods I was hiking through (no friendly people to allow me to hitchhike, not enough money to pay for any taxi's or buses). During the middle of the night I heard some crashing in the woods (one of the few times I have thanked God for my insomnia) when she came charging towards me.

In my last post I mentioned I thought she might be \gauntling\, let me elaborate, this girl was about 5 feet tall, wielding what looked to be about a 25 pound sledge hammer, I only barely avoided her first swing which by the way completely smashed a sapling behind me. I manged to get my pistol out and fired off a blind shot (I was taken by surprise and suffering from sleep deprivation) which by sheer luck got her straight in the leg, immediately afterwards I shot her in the center of the chest, straight through the heart. A looked away for a second because I thought I heard something else going through the woods.

And then I only narrowly avoided get hit by a fucking throwing knife, the girl was already getting up on her feet (did I mention she was fucking quick) so I quickly shoot her with the rest of the round in the magazine (two). That finally did the job the first bullet was meant to do.  

It would be simple to attribute the fact that when I shot her through the chest I my aim was off due to sleep deprivation... but a similar thing has happened to me a few times before this incident. 

Those of you who read this and work for or are close to those who work for \gaunt\, can you answer a question for me? Do all those who hunt /visited/ each have their own individual mask, or only those who have hunted for a while? 

Stay as safe as possible fellow /visited/


Sunday, July 1, 2012

It used to be so simple.

Killed a \masked\, possibly a \gauntling\ from the way she was handling the sledgehammer she was holding, shot her in the leg, then three times in the chest, I know better than to waste ammunition like this, but still I did. Just finished burying her, shallow grave, her mask.serves as her tombstone. Maybe she will be found by the authorities, maybe a husband and wife will finally receive some closure, or she will never be found, and slowly be consumed by the wildlife...

When I first started running it was simple, there were three "sides", those who couldn't see \gaunt\, those who could and decide to resist, and those on \gaunt\s side and \gaunt\ itself. All those whose served it willingly deserved to die in my eyes. When I saw someone wearing one of its mask's, helping one of its servants, in my eyes they were all the same, all of them deserved to die for aiding such a monster.

Then I started reading the blogs of other people in an attempt to finally attempt to make sense of \gaunt\. At first I attempted to ignore the very existence of those blogs kept by the \masked\. But eventually I began reading them, maybe to see if they would make the same mistakes as some of the /visited/, giving out to much information about themselves, speaking about their locations with complete disregard of their own safety, and proving to myself they were the monsters that I had, in my mind, made them out to be.

And while it is true some were exactly how I had made them out, there were others who weren't anything like them. Some were simply serving it because it allowed those they loved to survive. Not all of them were killers like I had initially thought them to be. Some were simply doing everyday jobs, doing things like normal men and women, except they have to do it with \gaunt\ standing over their heads.

At first when I read of these people I kept telling myself that they were doing was still wrong, they still had the ability to fight, the ability to resist, fight till the end, fight till the last breath, fight till you have nothing left, and then fight some more, nothing was worth working with that, with that, with that fucking thing.

... And then I looked back at all that I have lost, and asked myself, if I was given the chance, would I work for \gaunt\ in exchange for the lives of those that I had lost? Yes, yes I would. but I was never given that choice. Everything was snatched out from under me extremely violently and without notice.

Its just that while in the begging I could take the life of a \masked\ with little to no stains on my conscious, now when I take one of there live I just can't help but think. Whose husband am I killing? whose brother? sister? father? aunt? Daughter? Whose family am I potentially condemning to death because I have cut down their one and only link to \gaunt\.

Fuck that was melodramatic. I hate it when I get like this.

Will try to post my own theory on the creation and origin of \gaunt\, my thoughts on the tulpa theory and my own take on it.

As always stay as safe all those /visited/