Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Enemies

\gaunt\ has different types or "tiers" of servants if you will

First came the \masked\ regular people who work for it, or those how have been "hollowed" out They do a variety of tasks, from hunting /visited/ to jobs that are to insure the network of its follower does not collapse.

The there was the (now defunct) Revenants, while they turned out to be a sick twisted joke done by \gaunt\ it showed that \gaunt\ could change things in the people he rules over, this was the first instance of him altering his followers for his benefit as well as the first example of him allowing select followers access to the path of black leaves. How is causing his followers to think that they are more powerful help him? Simple , since they believe they are more powerful,  they take more risks, are able to endure more pain than if they simply believed they were normal followers of his. Mind over matter is a powerful thing.

Than at around the same time the \dragon\ came into play, with the exception of \gaunt\ itself , he is possibly the biggest dangerous to us /visited/. He is the first to have access to true powers, such as the ability to rewrite the memories of those he targets, as well as also having access to the path. His appearance was met with fear, confusion, and panic among all /visited/. We did not even know whether it was a single entity, or some sort of hive mind complex.due to the conflicting reports of his appearance. We now know though that he has the ability to seemingly "body surf" enabling him to take over the bodies of \gaunts\ followers for his own (and \gaunts\) agenda.

Then came the \gauntlings\. \masked\ that have access to powers like \dragon\ albeit not as powerful as him. They range anywhere from an increase to strength, speed, access to the path, or in some rare cases, the ability to heal wounds inflicted on the body at an accelerated rate. Dangerous because of the fact that they are widespread, not as much as the typical \masked\, and because it is nearly impossible to tell them from regular \masked\.

Information about \glyphed\ was going to be put here... but its to damn long, will have to make that it's own post. I just will reiterate, if you encounter what seems to be a \masked\ with a _glyph_ on their mask STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT, or better yet kill the damn things if you get a chance. 


  1. You say enemies like they're enemies to all of us, dear.

  2. Nice work Professor. Damn nice work.

  3. Lucia-Ah I see that now, I apologize, it's just that this was written during a long stream of attacks and visitations, a day of no sleep, a migraine, and a minor concussion.

    Adam-Thank You, I do what I can

  4. No need for apology. After all, on a second glance, I seem to be the only one of your current readers with this particular perspective. But more importantly, you should learn to stand up for your opinion and your phrasing-- instead of conceding defeat to a raging bystander such as myself.

    If I were slightly less polite, I'd tell you to grow some balls and not make excuses. But since I'm generally against overtly offending people on their own blogs, I'm just going to tell you that you shouldn't let me bully you like so. Of course-- this is a catch-22. ^^