Wednesday, July 4, 2012

An answer, and a phenomenon

In my last post Lucia ( asked why I shot the girl so many times in the chest. When I was attacked by the \masked\ I mentioned in the last post in the middle of some woods I was hiking through (no friendly people to allow me to hitchhike, not enough money to pay for any taxi's or buses). During the middle of the night I heard some crashing in the woods (one of the few times I have thanked God for my insomnia) when she came charging towards me.

In my last post I mentioned I thought she might be \gauntling\, let me elaborate, this girl was about 5 feet tall, wielding what looked to be about a 25 pound sledge hammer, I only barely avoided her first swing which by the way completely smashed a sapling behind me. I manged to get my pistol out and fired off a blind shot (I was taken by surprise and suffering from sleep deprivation) which by sheer luck got her straight in the leg, immediately afterwards I shot her in the center of the chest, straight through the heart. A looked away for a second because I thought I heard something else going through the woods.

And then I only narrowly avoided get hit by a fucking throwing knife, the girl was already getting up on her feet (did I mention she was fucking quick) so I quickly shoot her with the rest of the round in the magazine (two). That finally did the job the first bullet was meant to do.  

It would be simple to attribute the fact that when I shot her through the chest I my aim was off due to sleep deprivation... but a similar thing has happened to me a few times before this incident. 

Those of you who read this and work for or are close to those who work for \gaunt\, can you answer a question for me? Do all those who hunt /visited/ each have their own individual mask, or only those who have hunted for a while? 

Stay as safe as possible fellow /visited/


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  1. Lookie here, I've got some good timing.

    It would seem that she had a healing factor after all, or some imperviousness to pain. Yeah, she was definitely a higher ranking proxy in that case.

    To answer your mask question-- to my experience, it's more or less fashionable for them. The man I knew that didn't take up wearing a mask until long into his hunts started wearing it for safety purposes, actually-- runners were beginning to recognize his face and attack him because of his reputation as an efficient killer.