Saturday, July 7, 2012

You know what is more terrifying...

...than seeing \gaunt\, in full on killing mode, all tendrils out?

Seeing \gaunt\, in full on killing mode, all tendrils out... WHILE EVERYTHING IS ON FUCKING FIRE, and yes, it was so terrifying that it deserved both italicized and cap-locked text.

So if you read my last post I ended it on I just smelled smoke. Well it looks like the saying that were there is smoke there is fire is proven right once again.

After ending the post I opened my door to see the source, just in time to see the entire place burst into flames, with \gaunt\ walking out of the flames a few seconds afterwards with a few people speared on his tendrils like some kind macabre shish-kabobs.

So then I shut the door, grabbed my pack, took out my pistol and then attempted to jump out my window. Keyword being that I ATTEMPTED to, since I forgot the all import step number four which is to open the fucking window before attempting to jump out, so I just headbutted the bulletproof glass (can't afford the hotels in the nice parts of town anymore) and fell on my ass.

On another note I am starting to think that \gaunt\ likes his theatrics, because instead of slashing open the door like I assumed such a well dressed and obviously busy eldritch abomination it was, it instead launched a smoking corpse through the door with enough force to turn that to splinters plus shatter through the window that had previously kept me from escaping myself.

So wasting no time I got back on my feet and jumped through the window (you would be amazed how much practice I have had with this) landing/rolling and running to someplace safe. As evident by this post I got their with little incident, which surprised me since, in my usually \gaunt\ has some \masked\ back-up to get those who slipped through it fingers.

Still having massive trouble getting anything done on the origin theory. Gonna la off it and try to put down some other theories... now that I think about it, nobody has really put up an in depth look on how one becomes /visited/, will possibly do that next possibly.

Gah, let myself get to carried away, post was much longer than I thought it would be, need sleep, and a new pair of trousers, but sleep first.

As always stay as safe as possible fellow /visited/


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  1. You think you write long posts? Nah, don't worry there. Ramble on as long as you need to, it's your flipping blog.

    Also, yeah. He does seem awfully theatrical at times. I feel like he's scarier when he's not being silly, honestly.