Saturday, June 16, 2012

(x)Introductions are in Order(x)

  Hello, and welcome. Usually this is the part were I tell you a little about myself, if this were a normal blog I would tell you my name, some basic information such as my likes and dislikes, some info on my family, maybe even my age and place were I was born. But this is not the case, as I have no family, not any more at least, nor do I have the luxury of divulging anymore information than is possible, since I do not want him to know more than he already does. For about two years now he has stalked me, I have mentioned him various times in this post alone, so some may be wondering who he is, other might already have seen the signs and know of whom I am speaking of. He has many names, The Tall One, \Suit\, Tendrils, The Angel of Death, \Construct\, \Faceless\, many more, and his most well known name, the sle nde r man.

  Two years I have been running, for two years since he took all but my life from me, two years of scraping by whoever I could, two years of fighting the ~compulsion~ as best I could. Oh how I have fought desperately against it, first by writing a few of the _glyph_ in a journal then burning the page, to insure none others would be infected, but then it got worse, I needed to draw more, write more, soon it was physically painful to dispose of the traces of the infected ~materials~, so now I have caved in to the ~compulsion~ by creating a more public form of venting my hauntings, it is my hope though, that only those who are already afflicted with the ~visitations~  will read this, maybe this will even help some of those peoples.

  This will not be your traditional blog, think of this as a chronicle of sorts. Here I will place my thoughts, theories, analysis, and findings along with the traditional ramblings of the _runners_. Do I believe I will find some sort of magic sword, macguffin, or find the chink in his armor that will one day lead to \gaunt\'s demise, no, I do not believe I will. We have seen what happens to those who attempt to fight him, they die, pure and simple. I will simply observe and record what I have found, attempt to make sense of a being who by all faculties of the imagination not exist, attempt to create some order of this chaos if you will. I will attempt to find the rules governing this being, and tell them to you.

  Must leave soon, got a little carried away and wrote something much longer than I intended, already have spent to much time in this town, I have already seen some signs of \masked\ activity, now I am simply pushing my luck.

  Will attempt to post in the coming days, till then, stay safe, though we all know this is quite impossible.

The Faceless Professor

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