Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's to early for this shit.

You know whats disorienting, waking up in a different place of the airport than you went to sleep in, in a completely different airport, clear on the other side of the god damn country. And fuck if I care that its two in the afternoon I just woke up and it's early for me dammit.

And judging by how many people have asked the man who looks like Rasputin's crazy Mexican half brother if he is okay I am visibly shaken.

And that's just from waking up and finding out I've lost time, a common symptom of being "hollowed" out.

Now we come to the part of the fucker who calls himself theforgottenauthor. Honestly the last thing I need at this moment is a fucking totheark wannabe trying to track me and fuck with my head, unfortunately I do not feel like dealing with you at the moment so please leave me alone, or else you will end up like the last one \gaunt\ or whoever the fuck is in charge of you fuckers sent, a bloody smear at the bottom of a building.

That felt surprisingly good to get off my chest.

And then there was that fucking video, seriously when I watched it I nearly threw my fucking laptop across the airport lobby, except I didn't because that would probably broken it and it was only by my luck and the stupidity of this laptops former owner that this blog even exists. Stupid scene of that video reminds me to much of a nightmare I've been having lately. Along with the goddamn background picture. And seriously, all those changes you made author (fuck it I'm not writing the entire thing when I mention him), honestly I'm not The Faceless Preacher, it's The Faceless Professor. I'll change it whenever I get the time.
Well my bitching quota has been fulfilled for the entire goddamn month.

Will try to get theory three up today, just, a little shaken.

Well then, that's all for now all my (four) readers.


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