Sunday, June 17, 2012

Explanation of the code

  In transit tight now, pretty sure it is safe to write now, found a bus that has WiFi, so it's safe to post. As you may have noticed I use quite a bit of code in my writings (bloggings?), it seems to be some sort of symptom of ~compulsion~ in certain people, so this is a quick guide of the code words that I have use and probably will use.

\gaunt\-My name for sle nde r man, given to him on basis of name equal power, therefor this will make visitations of him less powerful, have not seen any change, but it doesn't hurt to try.

\masked\-My name for his servants who were once normal people and/or _runners_ who were turned.

\guantilings\-My name for those who are receivers, or "attuned" and able to tap into the energies he uses.

\dragon\-My name for the most dangerous of his associates, can use a few of his powers such as the ability to erase memories and the ability to seemingly "teleport" to some sort of pocket dimension (commonly known as the path of black leaves), only member of this group is red light.

~compulsion~ symptom of being stalked by \gaunt\, subjects display an obsession of recording thoughts, observations, and any other ramblings that come to mind to a extreme degree in some cases, some people seem to be able to fight t to a surprising degree, which leads to-

~materials~ drawings, writings, videos, and blogs written by those being stalked,  reading these can lead to being stalked oneself.

/visited/-those being stalked by \gaunt\

_runners_-those who chose to run from him, usually the ones who survive the longest

_stubborn|ones_-those who ignore all common sense and attempt to maintain their homes against \gaunt\ and his agents, none succeed for long.

_warriors_-those who attempt to fight \gaunt\, extremely brave, but idiotic at the same time, they die the quickest of all

_morons_-see _warriors_

_glyph_ -My name for the operators symbol, the x within the circle (x), exact effects unknown, some say it  summons \ gaunt\,  others say it will keep him at bay or hinder him for awhile, seems different for each person.

  Well there is the explanation for my code, need to go now, bus is coming to my stop, see you around, will try and post soon.

 Stay safe other _runners_

-Faceless Professor


  1. Useful information but if the /dragons/ erase your memories then how do you know they do that unless they do it to you but then your memories would be gone, so you wouldn't remember it...

    1. By seeing the effect he has on other people, and hearing of their accounts if/once they get their memories back due to the fact that it seems that \dragons\ memory erasing powers do not seem as powerful as \gaunt\