Sunday, June 24, 2012

Problem: Movement Theory: Different perception of time

Problem: Subject \gaunt\ seems to display  the ability to be in many paces simultaneously and an erratic disposition towards the /visited/, one day passively viewing them, other times acting with the utmost hostility.

Theory: Subject \gaunt\ perceives time in a fundamentally different way then us, possibly perceiving past, present and future simultaneously. This would entail that subject has the ability to simply travel to a certain location, then would be able to "dip" into different times, allowing him to appear briefly to the /visited/.

Explains: How Subject \gaunt\ is able to literately be in multiple places at a single time. Can also explain why he is perceived in the multiple ways that subject is, seeing as different people are viewing him at different times in subjects existence simultaneously.

Issues with theory: Well, the large gaping one is why he does not simply kill off those who pose a true threat to him. Why did he take as long as he did to kill those like the sages, most and foremost Robert, who if is to believed actually caused the subject pain. Additionally after how far subject went to get rid of Robert leads mo to believe that the core theory might actually have held some merit, though if it truly did we might never know.

This has been the second of the three theories pertaining to the issue of movement, I am unsure how I fell about this one. On one hand it explains why subject \gaunt\ can seemingly be in multiple places, but if subject truly has this much power why isn't subject using it more often. Is it possible subject is garnered by a set (or sets) of rules as the aforementioned sage stated? Hmm... Well as before feel free to share your thoughts on this particular theory or share your own theories.

As before, stay as safe as possible fellow /visited/

-The Faceless Professor

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