Friday, June 29, 2012

Problem:Movement Theory:Pocket Dimension

 Subject \gaunt\ seems to display  the ability to be in many paces simultaneously and an erratic disposition towards the /visited/, one day passively viewing them, other times acting with the utmost hostility.

Theory: Subject \gaunt\ has a sort of pocket dimension commonly referred to as the Path of Black Leaves, in this dimension time and space would be directly controlled by subject, possibly being able to compress space (one step in the path would equal ten in our world) and possibly stretch time (one minute in our world would equal one hour in his) or possibly rewind time in short amounts, allowing him to be in multiple places in once.

Explains: How Subject \gaunt\ is able to be in multiple places at a single time.

Issues with theory: Honestly this is the theory I think is the best of the three. It explains multiple things that have bothered me about him over time, and well, I really can't find any gaping holes in this one.

As before if anyone has any theories of their own or any issues, question, suggestions on how to better this theory then feel free to comment.

As before, stay as safe as possible fellow /visited/

-The Faceless Professor


  1. This one seems pretty plausible, along with the Multiple Slendermen theory.

  2. I've tried to make all as plausible as possible. Though in the end they are theories. They might hold some glimmer of truth, or might be completely and utterly wrong.

  3. Someone trying to study The Skinny Bitch while running from him, that's a first. Usually they try to study him, but then they start running and throw that out the window. It's a shame too, I'll almost feel bad if I ever meet you. You better hope I don't.

  4. Author- Fuck off my blog, take your opinions with you, and get your own damn blog.

    Hatter- I'm not necessarily studying him, just posting my theories that I have about him. And from what I have read about you, I don't necessarily wish to meet you either, no offense, people just seem to have a lowered life expectancy around you.