Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Subject: \gaunt\

This is a quick profile thrown together of the enemy of us all, \gaunt\, it has information I currently know and have decided is true through the various postings and experiences of my fellow /visited/. Here it is:

Name: Sle nde r man
Other Names: Tall Man, Tendrils, /construct/, and many others

Apearence: (aproximated from my own sightings and the sightings of others) Imposibly Tall, most sightings say it is around seven and a half feet, though some state to have seen it go to anywere from eight or nine feet. It is incrediblly thin, to the point of being atonomically impossible for someone of its stature if it was human. Wears a black business suit (somtimes portrayed as pinstriped) black tie and white undershirt. It is made of an unknown material, whether or not it is simply fabric or an organic part of him is unknown. Its most recognizable feature of all (or lack of) is its head, devoid of both hair and any recognizable facial feature.

Behavior: Has been known to exibit inconsistant behavior, one second it is passivly veiwing you with something akin to curiosity, the next second it is agreesivly attacking you. It seems to enjoy toying with its food, making breife apperances at the edge of an /visited/'s vision in order to break them down menally.

Abilities: Its most well known ability is the abillity to create upwards of eight "tendril" like appendages, which it has been known to use in grabbing, throwing, slicing, and even impaling its prey. Also has the ability to travel to a sort of pocket demension known as "The path of black leaves". Another one of its abilities is the ability to lengthen and bend its body in impossible ways, in order to futher panic its victims. It also can seemingly affect a persons memory, making them forget what they were doing for months at a time, this leads into it's ability to "hollow" people out, were during these periods of amnesia it presumably brainwashes it's victims, and gets them used to it's presence.

Side effects of being "visited": First symptom is paranioa for obvious reasons, people are also known to suffer from "slennder sickness", thought to be a side effect of being in contanct with a being not of this world. It symptoms include an uncontrolable cough, nausea, the inabillity to sleep, depresion, and the ~compulsion~

~compulsion~: The compulsion is a symptom all who are visited by him displayed in one form or another. It is an obsesion with recording your self at all times, sometimes vie recording your self at all times, writing (and drawing) in a journal, defacing public property with th _glyph_, or, as in most peoples case, blogging. It also can lead to being visited ones self.

How visitation begin: How it chosses its victims is seemingly at random, a current theory of mine is that due to the active and highly irrational imagination of children this is how it is able to just one day appeare and take them to places unknow. For adults though this is more difficult, since our minds are much more rationall and grounded in fact based thinking. Thus it must somehow plant its seeds of fear within us. Thus the more we research and the more we dig into finding out about it, the more we begin to fear it, allowing it to appear to us, first as flash in the distance, and as we get more and more uneasy of it the visitation get stronger, until, well we have all seen how this ends.

Grunts: /gaunt/ seems to have a few cults and followings througout north america, giving it a suppy of those willing to do its work. It also has access to those who it has "hallowed" out, though these agents tend to be slower and much less usefull than there willing counter parts. Both of these agents wear mask when doing its bidding for reasons unknown.

Damn I would like to write more but I think I might have just seen /gaunt/ have to leave. Will try to post in the comming days.

Stay safe as best you can fellow /visited/

-The Faceless Professor

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