Saturday, June 23, 2012

Problem: Movement, Theory: Slender-MEN

Problem: Subject \gaunt\ seems to display  the ability to be in many paces simultaneously and an erratic disposition towards the /visited/, one day passively viewing them, other times acting with the utmost hostility.

Theory: There is not one Subject \gaunt\, but multiple subjects, each one designated to different tasks and ranks, one (or more) would be designated to the task of passive observation (the one who simply stares), another for tracking (the one you see when you are travelling), another for mental breakdown of stalked (the one you see for a second and when you look back it is gone), and finally the executioner (we know which one this is).

Explains: How Subject \gaunt\ is able to seemingly be in multiple places at once, also explains the variety of ways people see his appearance. Also explains how he is able to control a vast network of \masked\

Issues with theory: Does not explain how he is able to switch between "ranks" when angered, also does not explain why all the \masked\ blogs speak of the subject as one single entity. None of the legends supposedly connected to subject nor are any of the stories from the "origin" if you believe in the tulpa theory speak of subject as being multiple entities (something awful forums) Also it is creepy as fuck to consider the fact that there is more than one of it.

Well then this has been the first of three theories pertaining to the movement of \gaunt\. If anyone has any issues, questions, or suggestions on how to improve this theory please feel free to comment. Feel free as well to post your own short theories in the comments as well. I am in a safe place for the time being, so I might be able to comment fairly quickly.

Stay as safe as possible fellow /visited/.

-The Faceless Professor


  1. I look forward to hearing the others :)

  2. You remind me of someone I used to talk to, Professor.

    My suggestion on this theory is that your subject is fickle and disinterested in what he does. He seems to be able to travel quickly enough that he's in a lot of places seemingly at once-- hell, he might be able to move quickly enough that he can maintain multiple actions at once. To my experience, he's a singular entity, and that's why he has people work for him. He's just.....erratic.

    1. Hmm, interesting, I had never considered this. Though there are two gaping flaws in this particular theory. One is the fact that going at such speed one would have to have extremely fast reflexes to navigate in such a way, though it is possible that going at such extreme speeds would enable one to simply run through obstacles. As for the fact that it could travel so quickly that it can be in multiple places at once, it would only be in each location for such a short time that it is quite possible that its image wouldn't even be picked up by us.